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Product Review

Canon S90
In this new era of technology, people often try to capture the best moment in their life.  Weather it sad, happy, dull and bright, the picture of this moment can bring back the sadness or happiness in our experience.  I believe we face lot of barriers to pursue our dream.  The journey is too long.  No matter what happen, neither we achieved the dream nor still chasing what we want, we must look back in order to be a better person and finding the real meaning in our life.  So, bring back the tears or smile in our journey with good quality….

Different with lot of compact camera offered in market, Canon S90 offers lot of manual setting that gives satisfaction especially to SLR user.  Off course, it’s not covers all setting function in DSLR camera, but it still worth because it is compact!!! In addition, the manual setting in the camera is almost the same with Canon DSLR camera.

This neat and chic SLR backup is an alternative for quicker use.  The S90 have a pocket-sized body which make it easy to carry.  It also has a 3.8x zoom and the lens has a maximum aperture of f/2 at the wide angle end.  The lenses capabilities still remain standard but still give a good performance though.

The format of saves file in S90 is RAW.  It means you must use Canon’s Digital Photo Professional RAW conversion/editing software to operate the file.  It sounds unfriendly but the positive side is, it can convert the file larger than JPG.

Other than that, there is LCD screen in the back with rotary controller on the right.  While on the top, there’s a mode dial, shutter button/zoom switch, power button and “ring function” button.  The ring can be used to adjust the ISO, EV and white balance or operate a step zoom.  What makes it more creative is the ring function can make user adjust the setting in a moment.

The S90 10 Megapixel capabilities make the performance of the camera really vital.  Plus, the smaller body and “not-a-headache” setting, the camera seems very good to me.  Night or interior picture also could be capture attractively because the camera gives a setting of ISO to 3200. 

From Victor Chin review, the editor of Digital Camera Magazine, “Small camera mean small lenses, and this generally brings more distortion, chromatic aberration and edge softness.  Not here.  In Fact, the S90 seems to produce less barrel distortion than the G11 (the other competitor of compact camera).  There’s little or no chromatic aberration, the definition at the edges of the frame is as good as it is at the centre, and it doesn’t soften up at full zoom, unlike most compacts.  It might be small, but the S90 lens is absolutely the first division.”

To beginner like me, S90 can give a fully satisfaction.  Even, the professional photographer said, the friendly use of S90 can make user more comfortable with well organized function.  But, I admit it have a few weaknesses, especially when we try to understand the system for the first time.  But it just takes a day to fully understand the whole camera.  In repay, with various mood, S90 will cover the whole story of your never ending journey…

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10 Megapixels, 1/1.7-inch
f/2 – 4.9
SD/SDHC, None supplied
ISO range
80, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200
Shutter Speed
1/1600 to 15 sec
P, A, S, M, Low Light, Portrait, Landscape, Night Scene, Night Snapshot, Kids and Pets, Indoor, Sunset, Foliage, Snow, Beach, Fireworks, Aquarium, Underwater, Color Accent, Color Swap, Nostalgic, Stitch Assist
Battery life
200 Shots

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Victor Chin.  (2010, February/March). Digital Camera Magazine

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