Saturday, 30 January 2010


My name is Mohd Zikri bin Musa and this year I will turn to twenty-two. It is my first post and also an introduction from me. I was born in Taman Seri Gombak and raised by my parents with full of love, good education and religious activity. I have five siblings and I’m the last one in the family. The last one not means I’m treated like the ‘special one’ by my parents. In our culture, the last siblings is always assume as a diamond in the family. It is totally different with my childhood experience. I always being hit by my parents, my three sisters and also get a kung-fu-style kicked by my brother. I remember when I asked my parent a bicycle as a present for my 9th birthday. Unfortunately, I wait until three years to receive my present- by get locked in a toilet for six hours. Yeah, I get my first and last bicycle. Three months later, my bike stranded in my back yard. After that I realized why my parents not too excited to buy me a thing. I don’t know how to appreciated what people gave me.

Under the lame light is the title of this post because I want all readers knows that life will not going to be good if you have full of light; when you can see everything. Here is the example, when you see a trap in a forest you will avoid it, but you will never know a feeling of being trapped or how to get away from it. I prefer to know the trap because when we talk about life, we are talking about getting trap. Life is so tricky. Either you play or being played. What i'm trying to say here is, you will not making a mistake after you learn it in your past experience. 

Other than that, I also want to share with all of you a feeling under this lame light. I have been in the situation once.  It was in SMK Hillcrest, my high school. It is the lamest memory I ever had. I will do whatever it takes to get rid the memory out of my mind. I am a super looser. Back there, my close friend is my white guitar. It was a handmade sprayed. Her name is Amber because I don’t remember when I bought it. Maybe it was in September, October, November or December 2002. I just figured out that name a year later after all my best friend have girlfriends.  Amber is the only thing that brings good memories for me. She's cool.  I remember one night Amber comes in my dream.  She's dress like a "Village Girl" with a white scarf.  We having a date at a beach.  It was a beautiful scenery, I have no idea where Amber brings me.  Next day when I woke up, Amber standing near to me and I give her a morning kiss.  Yes. I'm a freak, I have told you I was a looser.  That's why I hate to share with readers my personal life.

(Dont try to get my guy, we having serious relationship since Zikri got a rubbish PMR result- Amber)

Back to the introduction of the blog, I would like to explain why I choose this blog title “Writing is a part of abstract”. I believe as a writer(or blogger), we must influence our society.  I also believe a small group of people is an abstract that create a bigger society. Since everyone can have their own blog, it is people (who have blog) responsibility to interact with their own community. Try to imagine if we can have a good writer 1 out of 30 people. With this figures, writer can influence society and we can create a younger people with full of knowledge.  This younger people, including ourselves, can give benefit to control nowadays social problem.  At least, we can reduce the amount of cases among teenagers and create a healthy generation when we get older.

Lastly, a minor problem that i saw in our society is boy don't like to read rather than girl.  It is weird because my passion in reading comes after finishing high school. I don’t know why it should be like this. There is no influence for a male teenager to love reading. One of the problem that I see is, all books in our market are focus on academic or romantic. Why there is no book about life as a teenager or book about fight that can attract boy to read it. We also lack a book that translated in Malay. I dont want to see another boy be like me.  It is quite late for me to discover my passion.  Base on facts, reading can lead us to something we interested.  No matter literature, art, or anything.  It help us decide where is the right path for us to go.  So, with the creation of this blog, I hope it’s not just for my beautiful lecturer, Miss Mimi. I really hope together we can think how to influence our teenager to love reading and encourage them to understand more about writing.

So, see you next time in the next post.  I really hope you can leave your comment or critics on my post.  Maybe it can help me improve and  generate new idea.  Thank You for your time.  Assalamualaikum.
(I still finding a right path, you can help by lead me to the glorious journey)

Thursday, 21 January 2010

tester twister

down set hut, hut, hike